What is the Clean Energy for All Package? How is the future of our energy system going to look like? Any questions about the Energy Union? How can your company or organisation be at the forefront of the implementation of its new provisions?

With the recently adopted Clean Energy For All package, the European Union is taking the lead in the global transformation of energy markets. Climate change resilience, digitisation, energy communities, ambitious targets for renewable energy, decarbonisation and energy efficiency, new roles for consumers: the energy world is not as it used to be five years ago.

Come to Turin, Italy, on 25-27 November 2019 for the Energy Union Package Training Course I am organising with the Turin School of Regulation. This course will be rich in details of real business models and case scenarios and light on theory.

This course will update energy professionals, regulators, consumer representatives, academics, researchers and students on the measures that will have an impact on their daily lives and the ongoing market upheavals. Click here to see the full programme and register!

By the end of the course, participants will have a full understanding of the complex challenges behind the energy transition and the Clean Energy for All package. They will receive skills immediately transferable to their workplace.

You will find answers to those burning questions:

  • What are the critical energy market developments included in the Clean Energy package?
  • How was the Energy Union built?
  • How are the measures adopted at European and international level impacting companies (Energy Union, Paris Agreement)?
  • How are efficient electricity markets designed to achieve multiple policy objectives?
  • How to make energy networks smarter by increasing their capacity to integrate renewable and decentralised energies?
  • What are the impacts of citizens and local energy communities on electricity markets in the short-term and the long-term?
  • How the European Union plans to engage better and protect consumers?
  • What is the European vision to build a just energy transition?

Whether you are an energy professional, a student, an academic, an activist, a policymaker, a business owner, or a concerned citizen, this course will help you broaden your understanding of the future of our energy system and how we can engage in making energy and climate transition a success for everyone. You will get the chance to connect with your peers and build fruitful relationships.

Follow this link to register, and don’t forget to apply by 30 September to benefit from the Early bird fee!

Published by Marine Cornelis

Marine Cornelis is an #EUClimatePact Ambassador and the 
Founder of Next Energy Consumer. She's a consultant and policy-shaker building bridges between people, scientists and policymakers, in energy and climate transitions

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