NextEnergyConsumer provides support and policy analysis services and advises organisations to set up strategies to put the citizens back to the centre of the (energy) markets, understand the needs and improve their relationships with their users, in particular, the most in need. We help you to build links between European and local policies.

NextEnergyConsumer works with think tanks, public bodies, cities, and regions, private companies, (consumer) associations, universities and research centres. Our executive director Marine is regularly invited to share her experience and expertise at events organised by different interlocutors, such as the European Commission and the Energy Poverty Observatory.

Marine Cornelis, NextEnergyConsumer’s executive director, is an expert and consultant in legal and policy developments regarding EU affairs, energy policies, sustainable development, energy poverty, consumer protection, dispute resolution,  energy efficiency, mobility and questions related to Smart Cities.

Things you should know about Marine:

What are your drivers and where does your motivation comes from? 

Working for clean energy, sustainable development, make the world a better and fairer place, fighting against energy poverty and climate change, is not only my job, but it’s also my passion and my lifestyle. I love being on the learning curve and be very thorough on these topics. There’s no planet B!

What makes you a good consultant?

My colleagues and clients say I’m very detail-oriented, autonomous, wilful, efficient and proactive. I’m adventurous, resilient and determined (must be why I’m a marathoner!). I always try to think out of the box in order to provide a groundbreaking analysis and solutions and I don’t mind sharing challenging points of views, both orally and in writing. That’s why I’m so enthusiastic about being a consultant!

What did you do before starting NextEnergyConsumer?

My longest professional experience is with NEON, the network of energy ombudsmen and alternative dispute resolution providers, in Brussels, the capital of Europe. As the Secretary General, I structured it while in its early stages and made it visible, I managed European public affairs, advocacy and policy on Energy, ADR, ODR and Consumer protection.

I have a background in Political sciences and economics, having graduated from Sciences Po. Lille and the Lille University of Economics.

Where do you come from?

I live in Turin, Italy, but I’ve also lived in Brussels, Paris, Lille, Plovdiv and Budapest, and I was born in Bordeaux. Did I say I love travelling?

I love learning new languages and discovering new cultures. Actually, I’m fluent in French, English and Italian and I know some Spanish, Dutch and Bulgarian.

What’s your favourite quote?

My favourite quote is from Kofi Annan: “You are never too young to lead and never too old to learn”.

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