“Marine has excellent organisational and strong interpersonal skills allowing her not only to empower and promote NEON¬† but also to influence European political decisions on alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and consumer protection in the energy sector. As Marine brings people together and can discuss in French as well as in English, Italian and Spanish, it […]

Belgian Energy Ombudsman

“It was a pleasure to work with Marine. She was reliable and thoroughly knowledgeable about the subjects she was required to monitor.”

Corporate Advertising Manager at TOTAL

Marine is a true policy-shaker doing incredible work to foster dialogue between stakeholders to build an inclusive energy sector Рtaking into account the needs, potential and limitations of the citizens at the centre of it all. 

Florence School of Regulation – 2019

“Marine is a pleasure to work with. She is extremely professional, efficient and knowledgeable. In the nearly four years that we have been working together I have been impressed by her work ethic, personal engagement and enthusiasm she brings with her. I highly recommend working with Marine – she is an inspiration.”

Senior lecturer in law, University of Westminster

Marine’s course on “energy consumer protection in the EU” was an eye-opening opportunity for me.

Student of the 21st Summer School on Local Regulation

Having the opportunity to listen to Marine Cornelis on consumer rights in the energy sector, and how to fight for a more sustainable energy community as citizens, prosumers not only consumers was amazing!

Student of the 22nd Summer School on local regulation