From 2012 to 2018, I was the Secretary-General of NEON, the European network of energy dispute-resolution services and ombudsmen. I launched the network and was leading the association in its advocacy, lobbying, and European public affairs activities.

NEON focuses on Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in the Energy sector at EU-level.

With the support from the members, I set up the work programme and I led the organisation in the following activities:

  • Advocacy and Policy: I wrote and presented reports, policy, consultation papers and press releases about ADR mechanisms, the retail energy market, consumer protection and price monitoring;
  • Public Affairs: I ensured external and public representation of NEON; organised stakeholders events and conferences, managed the communication tools (copywriting) and recruited new members;
  • Analysis and Expertise in Energy, ADR, and Consumer protection: I managed and monitored strategic data on energy, ADR and consumer protection and, identified best practices.

From an informal network of like-minded people, NEON became a respected stakeholder in the Brussels landscape, in particular during the negotiations leading to the adoption of the Clean Energy Package. During these years, I advocated for the rights of consumers, the defence of the most vulnerable, and the access to free energy dispute resolution services.

I was part of the European Commission working group on Vulnerable Consumers (2013-2016), the PEER network, and several work groups set up by the European Commission and stakeholders.

Thanks to my expertise and experience, I have been regularly invited to speak at external events, such as the Energy Poverty Observatory launch event; and advise organisations and governments on strategies to adopt to improve consumer protection in the energy sector.


Published by Marine Cornelis

Marine Cornelis works on people and the planet, i.e. the social aspects of the energy transition such as energy poverty and consumer empowerment.

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